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*** By the way, Sergio and Jeffery are not paying me to do this. I do not want struggling homeowners to give up on their homes without getting the chance to see all of their options. I believe in paying it forward. **

Sergio Godoy
● Foreclosure Prevention Specialist
● Financial Advisor
● Hablo Espanol

Jeffery Menard
My bankruptcy lawyer

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Cherry De Leon (Tagalog and/or English).

Let's set-up a no obligation meeting with Sergio. I will show you my paperwork. I am
a human being first before a business woman.
Please do not lose hope. I did not.

In addition, Sergio Godoy helped me get a fresh start by referring me to Jeffrey Menard, a bankruptcy lawyer, who handled my Chapter 7 and now Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Today, I am able to sleep through the night without worrying about being forced out of my home with my three kids, husband, tenants, and my step-mom.

After checking its credentials, I hired a company that did all the necessary work in order for me to get to where I would love to be. Sergio Godoy, just happened to be my neighboring office on Miramar Rd, listened and took my case after carefully going through my paperwork. Sergio explained all the programs that existed to prevent foreclosure. Sergio will NEVER take a case that he is not able to resolve. Sergio gained my trust and utmost respect after exhibiting extreme professionalism and compassion.

After a financially devastating divorce, business slowing down due to competition, HOA hiring a law firm to collect and to foreclose on my property, real estate agents "educating" me about notices of foreclosure and short-sale (I listened even though I have had extensive knowledge in real estate and mortgage, haha), and a two year battle with a major bank regarding my home, I was finally granted a loan modification that I am able to afford.